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Wesmeads Feeling Program

An 8-week, evidence-based program to help students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions leading to increased control and problem-solving abilities.

Core Skills include:

  • Recognition of a broader range of emotions

  • Reading and understanding facial expressions

  • Perspective-taking about how others see and react to behaviours

  • Becoming familiar with the concept of ‘The Zones of Regulation’

  • Gaining insight into events that trigger their less regulated states

  • Learn how to use cognitive strategies and calming techniques to self-regulate.

Who can participate in the Group program

The Program is designed for children aged 4 to 11, split into two groups depending on age.


Term 3 (Ages 7 - 11)

Term 4 (Ages 4 - 7)

Facilitated by Melissa Spinks

If you are interested in the Emotion Regulation group program, please click here and we'll get in touch!

If you wish to sign up for the Emotion Regulation group program please click here for the Application form.

If you have any questions at all, please contact our friendly reception staff on 02 4969 8060 or email

Please click here for information regarding references to Wesmeads evidence-based program.

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