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Miza Marzuki

Speech Pathologist / Adolescent and Adult
Miza Marzuki Educational Case Management Newcastle Health Services

Miza is a Speech Pathologist who graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) from the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2022. She was born and raised in Brunei. Miza is bilingual – she is fluent in both Malay and English. 

Miza, a committed Speech Pathologist at Educational Case Management, has been practicing in the field since October 2022. Miza possesses a profound interest and passion for working with adolescents and adults. She excels in supporting clients from diverse backgrounds, with a particular emphasis on language and social communication, which are her main areas of expertise.

Miza has extensive experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds, including those with various disabilities, neurodiversity, and cultural and linguistic diversity. She is committed to delivering personalized therapy that accentuates each client’s strengths while advocating for inclusive environments that uplift and empower individuals. Grounded in her core values of client-centered care and fostering supportive therapeutic relationships, Miza approaches her work with compassion and empathy.

In her downtime time, Miza finds solace in reading and sets ambitious reading challenges each year to fuel her passion further.
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Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)

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