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Fakhir Ansari OTD

Senior Occupational Therapist

Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree from Ziauddin University and graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Dow University of Health Sciences as a third position holder. Fakhir holds a Ministry of Health (MOH), UAE license and is also a member of the Pakistan Occupational Therapy Association. 


Fakhir Ansari is a Senior Occupational Therapist in Educational Case management.

He has 4 years of clinical experience working in Occupational Therapy. Fakhir has a fieldwork experience in inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient pediatrics and adults, outpatient neurology and community based occupational therapy. Fakhir has experience working with a multitude of diagnoses and has a primary interest in neurodivergent dysfunction such as: Autism spectrum disorder, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disability and acquired inquiry.

Fakhir knows that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so he has been certified in a range of modalities including sensory integrative dysfunctions, sensory processing disorders and perceptual motor skills.

He carries strong work ethics, compassion, responsibility, confidence, empathy and flexibility with himself every day.

In Fakhir’s downtime, you will find him running on the street and playing cricket. If you’re interested in speaking with Fakhir about Occupational Therapy, please contact ECM today.



  1. Fakhir has completed Accelerated Doctor of Occupational Therapy (ADOT) degree from Ziauddin University.
  2. Fakhir has done Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Dow University of Health Sciences.
  3. Fakhir holds Ministry of Health (MOH), UAE license as well as he is also registered from Pakistan Occupational Therapy Association.

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