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Returning to Face-To-Face Therapy

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the COVID-19 restrictions on face-to-face therapy at ECM.

ECM have determined that in line with government and health advice that we will be resuming face-to-face therapy from the 25th May 2020.

This gradual return will see 50% of clients returning to the practice for therapy.

A gradual return involves rotating days of practice for clinicians and clients, this means that with a gradual increase of people on site, any unforeseen issues that may arise can be addressed quickly, and in the case of unexpected breakouts or clusters of COVID-19, ECM can ensure effective protocols are in place. This will hopefully assist in protecting both adults and children on site, by reducing the number interactions in line with the gradual lifting of restrictions within the community.

What does this mean for our clients?

- You may still opt to have phone consultations should you not want to attend the practice

- You may opt to resume face-to-face therapy

- Clinicians will advise their clients if the day of their appointment is face-to-face or ZOOM conference

What have we implemented?

- ECM have introduced daily and regular cleaning of high-contact surfaces within ECM

- Fixed sanitising stations are in place for all clients to utilise when entering and exiting the practices

- All staff will be temperature checked daily

- All staff have completed COVID-19 infection control training

What do we ask of our clients?

- Please do not cue at administration desk

- If you can go for a walk whilst waiting for your appointment or waiting for others to finish or sit in you car to minimise risk

- Clients will be temperature checked on arrival with a contactless thermometer

- Prior to entering clinic rooms, you must use the sanitizing machine

- Please use your own pens

- Please ensure you have completed the form provided at the entrance (once only)

- Please ensure you regularly wash your hands

If you would like to request face-to-face attendance could you please respond via email and we will advise the clinicians who are involved in yours, or your child’s therapy.

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