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Price Guide

Initial Appointment and assessments

Initial Appointment Psychology

Initial Appointment Psychology Concession

Initial Appointment Speech and OT 

Initial Appointment Speech and OT Concession

Assessment Charges

Assessment Charges Concession

Assessment Charges (administered by Allied Health Assistants)





$200/hr - $185 after initial hour

$150/hr - $130 after initial hour


Ongoing Therapy 

Psychology Consultations 50 mins 

Psychology Concession Rate (private clients only)

Provisional Psychology Consultations (no concession rate)

Counsellor Consultations (no concession rate)

Speech and OT Consultations 50 mins

Speech and OT Concession Rate (private clients only)







At Home / School Visits (no concession rate)

All Group Therapy (no concession rate)




Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Report

Multi-disciplinary Psychological Report

$850 ($500 concession rate)

$650 ($375 concession rate)

National Disability Insurance

As indicated in the 2020-2021 NDIS price guide

Government charges apply - regulated

Autism Assessment Report (CARS/SRS)


Sensory Processing Report

Speech Pathology Language Report



Occupational Therapy Functional Report


Group Therapy Programs

Available on request

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