Isabella Gallimore

Occupational Therapist Assistant

Isabella is due to complete a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) at the University of Newcastle in 2020. Izzi is aware that there is not a singular approach to treating all individuals and strives to tailor therapy to individual needs. 


Izzi hopes to study her Master of Occupational Therapy once she has completed a few years of clinical practice post-graduation.

Izzi leads an active lifestyle with her personal interest including spending her spare time at the gym, relaxing at the beach & water skiing on weekends.


In her final year of uni, Izzi completed her 'Healthy Conversation Skills' training course to support health and social care practitioners to have conversations with clients/patients about their lifestyles and making changes. She also completed her 'Teach-Back' course as a person-centred approach for improving client experiences and outcomes in day-to day practice.


Through an online training course at Charles Sturt University, Izzi successfully completed the 'Telehealth - Embracing Technology in Healthcare' course as she understands how crucial it is to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing technology. Having a good understanding of Telehealth helps to provide a solid base to evaluate its benefits, advantages and potential disadvantages in clinical practice.

Izzi completed the 'World Federation of Occupational Therapy Disaster Management' course to enhance knowledge and skills for tackling complex issues such as disaster preparedness, response, resilience, and disaster risk reduction.


Izzi completed this course during the COVID-19 pandemic to enhance her knowledge of the role of occupational therapists in the emergency response and long-term recovery of individuals, communities and populations post-disaster.

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