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Tali Program

The Tali Program is a digital (Ipad) play based cognitive training program for children aged 3- 10 years with ADHD.

The program is clinically proven to improve core cognitive performance. We are targeting those with concentration difficulties, ADHD and anyone who wants to improve their cognitive capacity.


It is an evidence program that has shown positive results by strengthening the executive, selective and sustained attention skills.


Tali's digital therapy works by assessing and strengthening major domains of attention and executive functioning - areas shown to be fundamental to a child's overall cognitive development, social relationships and supportive of improved numeracy performance.

This program involves a 2 hour session with a training/ psychoeducation session for parents and then a 1 hour focus on the pre-intervention assessment with the participant. From here the parent will drive the program completing it over a 5 week course (5 days a week for 20 minute each day) on the remote digital therapy on Tali gaming app. After 5 weeks there will be a post-intervention asssessment and a report summarising the progress will be provided. Upon completion, there will be one individual session of two hours in which our ECM clinician will interpret, explain the report make future recommendations and provide resources.

If you have any questions please contact our friendly reception staff on 02 4969 8060 or by email to

If you would like to enrol in this program, click here. 

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