Sensory Spies

Sensory Spies is an 8-week group program which covers our five main senses as well as our other three ‘hidden’ senses.

Children will become experts in investigating their own sensory preferences and work on building tolerance towards their sensory dislikes.


Understanding our own senses is important to gather and respond to information about our environment and can shape the way we interact with other people.


Our senses are also closely connected to our emotions so they can have a very dramatic impact on how we feel.


Sensory Spies is suitable for those aged between 9-12 years. 

Sensory Spies will commence in Term 2, 2022 and will run from 2nd May until 20th June at 8am each Monday morning. 

This program is facilitated by Occupational Therapist Isabella Gallimore and Occupational Therapy Allied Health Assistant.

If you have any questions please contact our friendly reception staff on 02 4969 8060 email to


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Children in Indoor Playground