Cool Kids Program

Cool Kids is a 10-session program aimed at treating anxiety in children and teens. It uses a cognitive behavioural approach which means that it focuses on teaching skills to manage anxiety.


Core skills include: 

  • how to identify anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours,

  • discovering realistic thoughts and expectations (detective thinking), and,

  • gradually building independence and confidence by facing fears (stepladders).


If needed, additional skills such as problem-solving, social confidence and relaxation can be introduced to help manage difficult situations. Parents are shown how to support their child in the use of these new skills and a section of the program focuses specifically on parenting strategies that encourage children to self-manage anxiety.

The Cool Kids Program is designed for children:

  • 7 – 12 for Cool Kids

  • 13 – 17 for Cool Kids Chilled (Teen program)


If you have any questions or would like to find out how to enrol your children into the program, please contact our friendly reception staff on 02 4969 8060 by email to

For information regarding our evidence-based references, please click here.

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