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Educational Case Management has quickly established a strong and trustworthy reputation for clinical care in Newcastle’s community and among health professionals.

We are deeply committed to assisting others. We are confident that with the right help at the right time, lives can change dramatically for the better. Become a part of one of Newcastle’s most reputable clinical practices by joining our team.

Current Opportunities

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We want you!

Be you team flamingo, zebra or giraffe, all come to the watering hole when thirsty!

At ECM we want to be your watering hole! We truly believe that working as part of a multidisciplinary team makes us all better clinicians as we learn from each other and support one another to deliver the most effective and evidence based comprehensive support to our clients.

A job with us means learning from Psychologists, Behavioural Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists and Allied Health Assistants. When you work at ECM, you are not only gaining exceptional knowledge and skills in your own domain, but you are also opening yourself up to a range of learning opportunities from the multi-disciplinary team that work alongside you.

By working at ECM you are able to:

• Gain a more holistic approach to mind and body
• Develop greater awareness and appreciation of assessment tools used by other disciplines
• Oversee efficient use of resources, hence greater satisfaction that your client is getting ‘value for money’
• Acquire diverse professional skills, including a greater understanding of mental health
• Work closely alongside clinicians in other disciplines who can support your strategies in their sessions to maintain consistency and outcomes for clients, for example, Psychologists and Speech Pathologists focusing on Specific Learning Disorders, or Psychologists and Occupational Therapists working on Emotional Regulation, or Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists working on Motor skills and Handwriting.
• Collaborate and share ideas, perspectives, theories and knowledge from all disciplines to ensure greater effective treatment
• Flourish in teamwork and support those around you which is important in achieving ‘best results’ using ‘best practice’

We have opportunities for psychologists, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists.

Education Educational Case Management Newcastle Health Services

There are roles for the wisest of animals as well as the graduates of the jungle.

We offer flexible working arrangements, are keen to help you grow in your career and have a fantastic established team who thrives when working together.

Why we love working at ECM… and you will too!

Team member contact Educational Case Management Newcastle Health Services

Fantastic Team

ECM clinicians and staff members love coming to work every day because of our dynamic and fun team! We enjoy each other’s company at work and the times we are able to share outside of work too.

location Educational Case Management Newcastle Health Services

Central Location

All 3 of our offices at ECM are in Hudson Street, Hamilton, making it a central location to receive all the services that we have to offer.

Educational Case Management Newcastle Health Services

Modern Offices

All 3 of our offices cater to clients’ needs with wait rooms, bathrooms, parking and disabled access to each building. Our Occupational Therapy building has a warehouse where clients are able to explore. Our Speech Pathology building has a warehouse and relaxing lounge room to cater for groups.

Educational Case Management Newcastle Health Services

Career Pathways

With career pathways, we enable everyone to grow and ascertain varying roles to progress in their career.

Educational Case Management Newcastle Health Services

Work/Life Balance

We support full-time and part-time employees and strongly believe in a 4 day working week to ensure we provide the best support for our clients and for ourselves!

Multi-disciplinary learning

At ECM we work closely alongside each discipline to ensure regular learning and knowledge is acquired to set you on your path to success. We also offer regular group programs which enable clinicians from different disciplines to work and learn from one another in unique settings!

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