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Responsibility Summary

Our Vision

To be the innovative leaders in helping clients of all ages minimize the impact their disability and/or disorder is having on their daily functioning and lifestyle.

Our Mission

To inspire the community to join us in supporting child, adolescents, and adults who have ‘substantial support needs’ requiring assistance from a range of providers. To assist clients in juggling the emotions life brings us.

Our Values

There are three values that all service providers at this practice are working to establish as the core, our purpose.

1. Network with medical professionals, Allied Health Professionals and Service Providers and Organizations in establishing better management of client support needs.

  • Ensuring each service provider’s needs come first
  • Ensuring all clients receive a high quality of service
  • Ensuring each client’s care is our goal
  • Ensuring each client is respected and given a choice


2. Continuing improvement in providing an effective and efficient service

  • Striving towards a highly professional service that focuses on current evidence-based therapy and person-centred performance outcomes.
  • Perpetual focus on improving service through social justice, quality, integration, and inclusion.


3. Respecting, valuing and considering the opinions, circumstances, feelings and views of our clients.

  • Committed and enthusiastic, vibrant culture of professionals implementing current evidence-based principals, with a positive attitude towards realistic person-focused outcomes.
  • Using integrity and transparency while respecting the client’s values, morals, values, personal circumstances, and behaviours.
  • Building trust through integrity, teamwork and accountability.
  • Take ownership and accountability of all outcomes
  • Striving towards a highly professional service that focuses on current evidence-based therapy and person-centred performance outcomes.
  • Perpetual focus on improving service through social justice, quality, integration, and inclusion.

Objectives and Commitment

Educational Case Management PL is a private practice based in Hamilton and servicing the Lower and Upper Hunter Valley. Educational Case Management PL offers multi-disciplinary: psychological, speech pathology, and occupational therapy services for children, adolescents, and adults. The team of service providers at Educational Case Management PL focuses on children and adolescent development along with their overall well-being, education, communication, and adaptive daily functioning. The team of service providers at Educational Case Management PL are registered providers of Autism Diagnostic Assessments & have extensive experience in Behavioural Management Programs and a range of group therapies including drum therapy, social skills, Lego therapy, fussy eaters, parenting, telehealth, yoga and mindfulness. Our team are all registered Behavioural Specialist with the NDIS Quality and Safety Commission and support Assistive Technology accommodations in both therapy and behavioural management. The team of providers at Educational Case Management PL are registered with a range of supports including Medicare, Private Health Funds (HICAPS), Veterans Affairs, Workers Compensation, National Disability Insurance Scheme, NDIS Commission, Family and Community Services (FACS/RPA), and Out of Home Care (OOHC). We offer Supervision services for ‘Provisional’ Psychologist.

The team of service providers at Educational Case Management PL focus on person-centred approached therapy, along with assisting clients to make contact and network with services outside the practice which can also support their personal development and meet ‘support needs’. We support clients in their endeavour to determine the most appropriate service for them, referring clients to organizations, agencies, and community groups that may offer services outside our Company service description.​

The practice at Hamilton has a single access point for clients -clearly signposted from the street. The team of service providers at Educational Case Management PL provides the following services:

  • ​Standardised assessment
  • Recommendations based on reliable and valid assessments results
  • Comprehensive Psychological, Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy reports
  • Current Evidence-based therapy
  • Service providers with special interest areas: Autism, drum therapy, group therapy, meal management
  • Consultation and therapy available 5 x days per week 7.00 am -6.00 pm at both 51 and 56 Hudson Street Hamilton 2303.
  • Emergency support and emergency contacts ‘000’- as per phone message
  • Emergency Safety Plans for clients ‘at risk’ of self-harm to themselves and to others
  • Options to therapy
  • Person-centred short and long-term goals- SMART GOALS
  • NDIS progress and review reports

Client Expectations

  • therapy, interventions, supports, and information and advice available and provided by qualified and registered practitioners-Service Providers
  • to have access to co-ordinated services relevant to client disability and/or disorder
  • to have available contacts with the wider community
  • service providers to have a thorough understanding of disability and /or disorders
  • to have an understanding of the grief and distress clients, carer, family members, and foster carers are experiencing.
  • To have available alternative therapies to meet both cultural and therapeutic needs: group therapies
  • To have alternative assessment and therapy processes available which may offer more flexibility such as Allied Health Assistants

Service Providers are in the position to offer

  • thorough understanding of client’s needs
  • reliable and valid results from standardized assessments
  • therapy and appropriate interventions
  • attendance at team meetings and school meetings
  • flexible appointment times and availability
  • consultation, assessment, therapy, recommendations, planning, interventions
  • integration, co-ordination and accessibility
  • the capacity of services to respond to clients’ support and therapy needs
  • facilitate and/or support external Allied Health Professionals to provide client services that are unable to be provided by Educational Case Management PL
  • offer a pool of resources so to ensure relevant information is available to all clients and support persons.
  • co-ordination with NGO’s including Connect Ability, Lifestyle Solutions, and Samaritans.
  • accurate and up to date information-evidence based therapy and resources
  • a professional service that is appropriate to the client’s needs
  • referrals to Allied Health Professionals and Medical Practitioners/Specialist
  • short and long-term therapy and intervention processes based on financial supports
  • the ability and confidence in making ‘change’
  • support in the implementation of specific accommodations and adjustments
  • to assist clients in their ability to self-manage their disorder and /or disability with a focus on ‘independence’ and ‘self-awareness’
  • support for the client’s family or other primary caregivers -in their role in assisting the client’s outcomes.

Company Website

Educational Case Management has an informative website that is user friendly and which can also be used as a means of contacting administration via email. Education Case Management is Newcastle’s trusted psychology, speech pathology and occupational therapy practice focusing on the overall well-being of children, adolescents, and adults.

Service Brochure

Educational Case Management has an informative brochure that is user friendly and which can be sourced at the practice administration counter and is included in the new referral information package. The brochure clearly lists the services provided by Educational Case Management. Copies of the brochure are distributed to all General Medical Practices throughout the Hunter Valley, attached to all reports forwarded to medical practitioners.

Service Providers Business Cards

Educational Case Management service provider have their own business cards displaying professional qualifications, registrations, Medicare provider numbers, APHRA and ASPA registration, mobile contact numbers and appointment times. The business cards are informative, user friendly and can be sourced at the practice administration counter. The business cards clearly list the service providers full legal name. Copies of the business cards are distributed to all General Medical Practices throughout the Hunter Valley, attached to service providers reports forwarded to medical practitioners. Business cards are available to ALL clients visiting the practice.

Service Providers Contracts

Bilbie Dan, Solicitors and Attorneys, Level 1, 1 Market Street, NEWCASTLE NSW 2300, Tel: 02 4929 5511, Fax: 02 4929 6309 Ref: RFB.OS.34207 have compiled Contractor Services Agreements for ALL service providers. The contract parties include Educational Case Management Pty Ltd ABN 43 609 946 698 of Unit 3, 56 Hudson Street, Hamilton NSW 2303 and Service Provider name and ABN. The contract clearly determines ‘The Company’ who carries on the business of providing psychological treatment and assessment services and ‘The Contractor’ who carries on the business of providing psychological and speech pathology treatment and assessment services. By signing the contract ‘The Contractor’ has agreed to supply the Services to the Company in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement. This document is regularly revised in accordance with the ATO and ASICS. Contractors ALL acknowledge and meet the ‘contractors’ ruling as stipulated by the ATO. 

Service Providers Practice

Educational Case Management has informative signage at the administration desk on entry to the practice. The signage is clear and is often referred to by the administrative assistant to assist clients in clearly identifying the service provider who will be attending to their needs and their professional qualifications. Photographs of all clinicians including Allied Health Assistants and Administration is also well presented on the wall. The signage also indicates ‘Cancellation Policy’, Current ‘Charges’, ‘ECM Clinicians and Administration Assistants’, and ‘Provisional’ Psychologist. There is a sign-in technology tablet-free standing for all clients to register their attendance when they arrive at the practice -this also includes opportunities for the clients to ‘rate the service’ they received a user-friendly visual version for those interested in improving our service. Our multi-disciplinary team is well presented. 

Company Letter Head

Educational Case Management service providers have access to company letterhead which is used on ALL letters, reports, and correspondence. The company letterhead is used on all templates stored on Power Diary /communication files. No correspondence is permitted without the letterhead attached. The company letterhead is available on the shared drive NAS security system -Folder 2 Administration (graphics) available to clinicians and administration ONLY. The letterhead is security protected with service providers requiring username and passwords to access the company shared drive.

​ Clinician Responsibility

One of the goals of Educational Case Management is working collaboratively with the health and welfare systems so to ensure that our client’s needs are being met by the most appropriate service and to accommodate for those clients who are marginalised from the health and welfare systems. 

Educational Case Management service providers focus areas:

  • Flexibility
  • willing to change their work practices to fit in with client’ support needs and behaviours in the clinic
  • willing to coordinate their activities with others to better meet the needs of the individual client
  • sustain professional standards when liaison with medical professionals
  • raise awareness of the needs of clients which may be continuously changing
  • not judge the client and their family, carers, or support persons
  • be aware of the client’s daily functioning (home, community, school) and address areas of concern
  • support behavioural plans at home and across other settings such as school
  • refer clients to other services when necessary.
  • continue professional development regularly so as to better assist complex clients and their specific support needs and be always well equipped with current evidence-based strategies.
  • Liaise with other services about specific issues that have been identified re client
  • Attend team meetings with agencies and organizations when appropriate work with other agencies when putting forward submissions for NDIS funding-reviews.
  • support other service providers submissions for funding

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