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Cancellation Policy

You do not have to agree to this policy however we will be unable to provide you with the service without your agreement. ​ The act of booking any appointment with our service means that you agree to this policy in full.

  • It is not possible to fill a 50+ minute session with short notice
  • Your Allied Health Professional dedicates significant time and care to session planning and preparation
  • To be fair to other clients who would have taken the appointment time if given sufficient notice
  • For ALL appointments at Educational Case Management, we require at least TWO (2) FULL BUSINESS DAYS* notice of cancellation
  • Except in the case of an illness or family emergency

Business days include any normal weekday other than a public holiday or office closure period, between the hours of 8.00 am and 5.00 pm. 

If, for some reason you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, please notify Educational Case Management. Please be aware that the following charge will apply:  

Medicare and Full-Fee Appointments - A cancellation fee of $80 is applied to any cancellation where notice of 48 hours is not provided. 

NDIS Appointments - 100% of the agreed fee associated with the activity from the participant’s plan if the participant has given less than two (2) clear business days’ notice for support. 

Yes – If your Allied Health Professional is able to offer a suitable alternative time within the SAME calendar week AND you reschedule (and attend) the rescheduled appointment, a cancellation fee will NOT apply.

We understand that illnesses and family emergencies sometimes occur, and we will not charge a cancellation fee in such cases.

A medical certificate may at our discretion be required to waive the cancellation fee.

For clarity, please note the following examples of “family emergencies”:

  • An illness, injury or death
  • A car accident
  • A robbery or assault

Please also note the following examples which are not considered “family emergencies” under this policy:

  • A meeting: work or school, sports or extracurricular event
  • A family activity or holiday

Although we accept that such events may be beyond your control and can be genuine reasons for late cancellation, we still require that you take responsibility for these types of circumstances and a cancellation fee would still apply.

If a cancellation fee is charged under this policy and you do not pay the fee promptly we will be unable to continue providing you with the service. We also reserve the right to take any further reasonable action necessary to recover any unpaid fees and to bill you for any reasonable additional costs incurred in taking such action. 

We hope you find this to be a fair and reasonable policy and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Our intent is to provide all participants/clients and their families with every opportunity to reduce the likelihood of cancellations/no-shows which may attract a fee. All participants/clients will be given a hard copy or emailed copy of all scheduled appointments and will always be sent a text reminder at least TWO DAYS prior to their appointment so to reduce the likelihood of a fee being charged for cancellation / no show.

Educational Case Management Pty Ltd uses a variety of communication modes to ensure that participants/clients are aware of the cancellation policy, and that communication of this policy is clear and comprehensible through the company website, clinic notice board, verbally informed by clinicians, noted in Service Agreements, and clearly stated in the header of all emails forwarded to participants/clients. Participant’s / clients are encouraged to take note of the Cancellation Policy prior to commencing treatment with Educational Case Management Pty Ltd.

How to Notify Us

To cancel or reschedule an appointment with us, please contact us by calling the following landline: 02 49698060 between the hours 8.00am to 5.00pm. If unattended, please leave a clear message with reference to the appointment you wish to reschedule, and we will get back to you as soon as practical.​

‘No Show’

A “No Show” is where a participant/client doesn’t attend or is not available for a scheduled appointment and doesn’t notify us. The same fee will apply as a Cancellation unless there are mitigating/emergency circumstances.

Clinicians (Contractors) Responsibilities

Where a participant/client fails, without notice, to keep the scheduled arrangement, the Clinician must make every effort to contact the participant to determine if there is an additional problem. Where there is a specific risk that a participant will frequently ‘not show’ for appointments due to the nature of a person’s disability/well-being, Clinician’s must put in place suitable individual arrangements to maximise the likelihood that the participant will receive all their required supports/ therapy deemed warranted. It is the Clinical Contractor’s responsibility to ensure that arrangements are made to accommodate for their participant’s / client’s disability/well-being.

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