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About Us

Educational Case Management, based in Newcastle and servicing the Hunter Valley, offers Psychological, Speech Pathological, Exercise Physiology, and Occupational Therapy services for children, adolescents, and adults.

We focus on child, adolescent, and adult development, with an importance of well-being. 

We are registered providers of Autism Diagnostic Assessments & Behavioural Management programs. We offer a holistic Multidisciplinary approach, offering a range of Psychometric Assessments, Evidence-Based Therapies, Language, Communication, and Literacy support, along with Functional, Motor, and Sensory Assessments.

Our team are all NDIS Commission registered Behavioural Practitioners. We are registered providers with Medicare, Private Health Funds, National Disability Insurance Scheme, NDIS Commission, Family and Community Services (FACS), and Out of Home Care (OOHC).

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Educational Case Management Newcastle Health Services

Our Focus Areas

One of the goals of Educational Case Management, is working collaboratively with the health and welfare systems to ensure that our client’s needs are being met by the most appropriate service/clinicians.

We also want to accommodate for those clients who are marginalised from the health and welfare systems.

• Flexibility, commitment, passion, and team approach.

• Willing to change their work practices to fit in with client’ support needs.

• Willing to coordinate their activities with others to better meet the needs of the individual-person centred approach.

• Sustain professional standards when liaison with medical professionals.

• Raise awareness of the needs of clients which may be continuously changing and often presenting with challenges, remember to not judge the client and their family, carers, or support persons.

• Be aware of the client’s daily functioning (home, community, work, school) and address areas of concern.

• Support behavioural plans at home and across other settings such as school and in group homes.

• Refer clients to other services when necessary.

• Continue professional development regularly to better assist complex clients and their specific support needs, whilst always being well equipped with current evidence-based strategies.

• Liaise with other services about specific issues that have been identified.

• Attend team meetings with agencies and organizations when appropriate.

• Work with other agencies when putting forward submissions for NDIS funding-reviews and behavioural plans.

• Support other service provider submissions for funding.

Our Vision

To be the innovative leaders in helping clients minimize the impact their disability and/or disorder is having on their quality of life.

Our Values Reinforce All
Services We Deliver

Working collaboratively, effectively and efficiently. 

We strive to deliver the best possible professional and personalized service, offering both Multidisciplinary and Transdisciplinary services.

Building confidence and trust among our clients, their families, carers and community.

Respecting, valuing and considering the beliefs, circumstances, feelings, values and views of our clients.

Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to social justice, quality, integration and inclusion.

Focusing on optimising client centred therapeutic processes.

Educational Case Management Service Providers are enthusiastic, committed and qualified professionals within their field.

The ECM Team foster a vibrant culture of implemented evidence-based practice, with a positive attitude towards achieving the best possible outcomes.

Educational Case Management Newcastle Health Services

Our Mission

To inspire the community to join us in supporting children, adolescents, and adults who have ‘substantial support needs’ requiring other assistance.

To work cooperatively with a common purpose of enabling every client to develop to their full potential.

To recognise where the wellbeing of clients and staff are at risk, to take remedial action to mitigate the impact of that risk.

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